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Juneau, Alaska can be an excellent holiday destination for those who love excitement and thrills. They are plenty of options for tourists to choose from including whale watching, fishing, hiking, and lots of other recreational activities that simply allow you to enjoy the phenomenal scenic beauty of the place. 

Moreover, one of the main attractions of Juneau is the proximity of a number of different waterways, making it a natural whale watching destination. It is a short drive from Juneau’s cruise port to Auke Bay, innumerable deep waterways as well as the many islands containing dozens of prime spots where whales do hang out.  

If during your Alaskan boat trip you are looking for whale monitoring opportunities, Juneau is just where you ought to be! Orcas, humpback, Dall’s Porpoise, seals in the harbor, Steller sea lions and other terrestrial animals like bears and eagles could really be seen on a whale watch tour through Juneau. Naturally, Juneau has the humpback whales the most and everyone hopes to see it on his whale watching tour.  

The best time for Juneau whale watch season is the summer season, Humpback whales get into the ice-cold water of Southeastern Alaska during this period to feed. During the winter, these whales have to migrate to the warmer southern Pacific region in order to sustain themselves.  

Private Whale Watching Juneau

The best thing that makes Juneau the best whale watching destination is the vast number of private whale watching touring companies in the city. Juneau has every kind of tour you can imagine, from the combination of glacier and customized catamarans built specifically for whale watching to Juneau private whale watching companies. Several of these companies operate out of Auke Bay like the Whale Watch Alaska; they operate in Juneau Alaska, as a private whale-watching cruise for whales. The whale watching cruise here has certainly captured the minds of thousands of tourists as they take you all around the rainforest islands of Alaska’s Inside Passage and navigate carefully around humpback migrating pods both resident and transient orca for about 2 hours or more. You can enjoy the wonder of exploring aquatic creatures, birds, sea lions and a few dolphins throughout the trip. The private whale watching trips start in downtown Juneau on a “three departures daily” routines just outside the Mt. Robert’s Tram and goes up to the top of the mountain.

The Best Place for Whale Watching in Juneau

With whale guaranteed on every tour, Whale watch Alaska private cruise is very convenient and suitable for elders and children as it can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people on the boat including the captain with at least 1 certified naturalist.

The tour takes approximately three to three and a half hours, as many areas as possible are being looked at and extra time spent on the more active ones. The fun part is once they are nearer to these whales, they dip their hydrophone into the water to listen to the sounds they make and what they sing to each other. Puffin, Surf Scoters, Bald Eagles, Seagulls, Steller Sea Lion, Seal, Blue Heron, Ducks, and Lighthouses are just a few of the things you’ll see and experience on a Whale Watch Alaska boat cruise. Other private whale watching companies guarantees at least one whale sighting on the water during your time. But when you tour the famous Auke Bay with Whale Watch Alaska, it is extremely likely that you’ll see several more whales than anywhere else. Also, as a passenger, you can always feel free to ask the captain to try and see a particular whale in an area. If he feels secure, he will always try to satisfy your requirements; the boat is essentially yours during the time of your whale tour. Captains from Whale Watch Alaska have incomparable expertise with whales. You cannot learn in a book their understanding of whale behavior. Together with their unique knowledge, they have gained scientific expertise for many years on larger whale watch boats while working side by side with marine biologists. Whale watch Alaska makes every effort, in addition to the captains; they offer another crew of certified naturalists for no additional charge. These naturalists can help to take photographs, data and guide you on the marine environment. You may ask what you see or don’t see, and these people have formal training in marine biology.

Whale Watch Alaska is a trip to Juneau which you cannot afford to miss. The Midnight Sun, glaciers and wildlife is what Alaska is known for, getting out on the water in the presence of such beautiful areas and professional naturalists will make your trip worthwhile and you won’t regret going on a Juneau whale watching tour.

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