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How Bloggers Can Monetize Their Blogs by Become a Direct Sales Rep

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Chrissy Weems

Chrissy Weems

With online business opportunities growing exponentially, many individuals have come to a conclusion that one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money on the internet is through blogging. Blogging has become a go-to solution for people who want an alternate path in contrast to the rigid 9-5 that most of us are used to.

The dilemma about blogging is, it’s a fairly competitive business model. If you can think of almost any topic, there exists a blog about it. Being unique is key, but this is just one component. There are different ways how bloggers make money online, and here is a concise review of the most common revenue sources:

Common Ways for Bloggers to Make Money Online


1. Ad Revenue

When a blog gets a significant amount of traffic, the blogger can place some ads by signing up to programs such as Google Adsense or Mediavine. The advertiser pays the blogger through the program.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Through the use of affiliate links, bloggers can recommend a product through their posts. Once a reader clicks on the link and a purchase is made, the blogger gets a portion of the earnings.

3. Selling own products or services

There are many bloggers offering services online such as building websites, making graphics or freelance writing. They can also sell their own courses on varying topics of expertise such as dating advice, making money online, diet tips or business strategies.

Since a lot of bloggers are already doing these income-earning strategies, it is quite difficult to penetrate into the market without having a competitive edge. There is one, however, least explored revenue source that can be done without having too much competition, and that is through Direct Sales.

According to online entrepreneur Chrissy Weems, being a blogger and a Direct Sales Representative is a profitable way to earn money. This is because you are selling a product that has a strong demand, and has been tested over time. The idea is simple: you find a reputable company and sell their products through the use of your blog.

If you are interested to find out the specific steps on how to make money as a blogger=slash-direct sales representative, read on further.

5 Steps for Bloggers to Make Money By Being A Direct Sales Representative


Step 1: Find a Company or Business with Best-Selling Products

Have you tried a product before that was so good, you felt like you had to recommend it to your friends? It could be a health supplement. It could be a beauty product. Or it can even be an insurance policy that you trust. Whatever it is, look up the company’s information online, and find out if that company has positive reviews.

Step 2: Ask if there is a membership price or a wholesale price

Before blogging about a product or a service you’re interested in, it is important to find out if they have a membership price. For example, Avon thrives through direct sales by offering members a discounted price and giving catalogs for direct sellers to use with the retail price on it. This allows the Avon sellers to have a profit from the markup given. If the margins are desirable to you, then that’s time you sign up for membership or buy in bulk.

Step 3: Write a Blog Post About the Product

The best kind of blog posts is either specific product reviews or informational topics that can help your readers solve a problem. So for example, your product are Baby Goods, you can make a blog post titled “4 Ways to Make Your Baby Sleep Longer”, and from then on recommend your products.

Step 4: Place a Call to Action

The Call-to-Action is considered the “next step” that a reader should take after reading your blog. It could be buying a product from your online store, emailing you, or signing up for your newsletter. Whatever your strategy is to have the sale of the product, place it along on your blog.

Step 5: Seal the Deal

After the reader goes through the call-to-action step, you can now seal the deal by responding to the email, sending a newsletter with your products, or setting up your online store to receive payments.

Chrissy Weems believes that blogging as a direct sales representative is a good marketing strategy. Compared to cold-calling potential clients, blogging has the ability to reach a wider market with less work. Aside from that, processes such as receiving payments, shipping orders and even sharing the information to a larger market can be automated digitally. All it requires is a few skills in writing and using keywords that search engines can look into.