3 Reasons Why Kalu Yala is a Perfect Place for Student Immersions

If you are a student who has a dream of traveling and finding a place to have your immersions, you might want to consider a village called Kalu Yala, located in the mountains of Panama. The village is ideal for students who are studying environmental sciences, social sciences, and other related courses because it operates through the principles of sustainable living and environmental-friendly practices. Before we discuss the reasons why this is a good place for your future immersions, here is a short background about the village.

What is Kalu Yala?

It is a village located in Trez Brazos Valley, offering a study abroad program for students who want to experience living in a sustainable town. The program was offered since 2010, which allows students to conduct research on subjects such as sustainable living practices, agriculture, biology, and business. They hope to equip and inspire students on the things they can learn through living in the village and apply them in their own communities as well. If you are interested to know more, below are the 3 reasons why this small town in Panama is a perfect place for your immersion activities.

3 Reasons to Enroll in the Study Program

  1. Learning about sustainability practices

Through the experience, students will be able to understand systems that create sustainable living in terms of agriculture, construction, waste management and finding energy resources. They will be able to experience and observe the system itself and think of ways on how to apply it in their own homes, in their future practice, or even in their community after the program. Students will be able to understand the step-by-step processes of how one can source materials or energy locally, and at the same time balancing this give-and-take system to prevent scarcity.

  1. On-hand experiences

They say that the best teacher in life is the experience. This is especially true for students who decide to be involved in the village’s immersion program. They are able to experience the sustainable way of life if similar communities were to be made in the future. Additionally, as students are given the chance to observe, they are also provided with opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills on helping the system improve. Perhaps there is an idea that they want to execute. This is possible through the immersion and will be a gratifying experience to a student who knows he or she was able to contribute to the village as well.

  1. Immersion in Panama culture

If the South American culture is something that interests you, you should consider the village’s study program. Although it is considered a remote village, it is still very accessible to many places in Panama. Aside from learning the indigenous landscape of Panama, you will also gain experiences exploring the city, if you wish, before or at the end of your immersion program. Panama is a beautiful country with a rich culture, many natural resources, and beautiful landmarks to discover. The town is very accessible to Panama city, which is only 50 minutes away. Additionally, it is even closer to the main airport, which is only 15-20 minutes away. Having the opportunity to discover Panama and its beauty may also be something you want to put on your bucket list while going through the program.

Instead of going only through theoretical views about life in a different place, why not experience it yourself? If you are a student who wants an experience of a lifetime, while carrying with you valuable lessons on sustainable living and culture, then a study program in this village would be a good choice.

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