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An Artist’s Best Friend

In a recent post, I mentioned how coffee affects the brain. My fellow artist, you are about to learn if you don’t know or be even further convinced why coffee is your best friend. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system after passing through the bloodstream. Caffeine, which is indeed a natural drug, has been studied and recorded to help improve mental performance, alertness and concentration. That just might be enough to help you with your artistic block which I also spoke about in the same article.

To no surprise, caffeine can improve wakefulness when suffering to lack of sleep and lack of alertness which is the main use and reason to drink coffee in the first place. However, there is more to it than that! According to a few additional studies, coffee is said to improve your memory performance! If nothing else, that is my reason I’d drink more of it! This memory improvement is highly effective especially when doing repetitive tasks.

Sadly, many people abuse coffee due to higher intake which decreases performance and desensitizes the body to the natural caffeine drug. Caffeine doesn’t make someone dependant on it and this information is confirmed by WHO. Many people drink coffee everyday and have done so for years, but that is a habit which is not the same as addiction.

The bad news about coffee is that once you get into the cycle of having it, you can’t just stop once you decide enough is enough. The dark side of coffee would be the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, which include headache or migraines and drowsiness. The symptoms can be avoided if caffeine consumption is slowed progressively each day.

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