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Dana Sibilsky is a blogger and author who loves a good DIY project, time with friends and great vacations.

Guest Post

Interview with Dana Sibilsky (Art Blogger) : Journey of a Professional Blogger – eAskme | How to, Learn Blogging Online, Make Money Online

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I’m a power blogger? I don’t even know what that is but I’m happy to be featured!

Today I am going to introduce you with one more power blogger Dana Sibilsky.

Source: Interview with Dana Sibilsky (Art Blogger) : Journey of a Professional Blogger – eAskme | How to, Learn Blogging Online, Make Money Online

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Dana Sibilsky: Blogger & Artist website review | It’s the Simple Things

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Last but not least is the “My book” heading about the book she just finished, “Dana Sibilsky’s Tips to Successful and Profitable Blogging”. This book was written by Sibilsky to help others turn their hobby-blog into a full-time, profitable job like she did. You can buy it on Amazon HERE as either a paperback or kindle download

Source: Dana Sibilsky: Blogger & Artist website review | It’s the Simple Things

Thank you Valerie, I appreciate the shout out!


Guest Post by Artist Dana Sibilsky

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It was for this reason that I founded my personal blog. I am very passionate about the arts and society’s connection to culture and I wanted to share how I felt with as many people who were interested. I decided to share my thoughts and insights in a way that was most accessible, explaining my beliefs and opinions in the simplest and most direct manner possible. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I have received a great deal of feedback from my readers who had previously felt that this was a subject that was just “over their head.”

Read more about my Guest Post by Artist Dana Sibilsky.

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How to Sell Your Art

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No matter where you go near or far, you’ll find opportunity. The best opportunity you’ll find as an artist is to provide your service and the better you are at your art and your service, the more and more often you’ll get paid.  There are so many artists who sell artwork online, at home, during art shows or even at art fairs. The one struggle for artist is actually making a sell. How do you do it? An artist is an artist, not a salesperson and this is where the complications come in.


Who should you sell your art to? This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself. You’re a passionate artist and you spend time, emotions and money into creating your masterpiece. You have an attachment to your hard work and want someone to buy it who will truly appreciate everything that went into your work, right? You’ll find your customer by targeting that specific person.


When you target exactly who your client of choice will be, you are going to know exactly what that person wants in an artwork and you’ll have the what they are looking for. Far too many artist believe the best way to sell their pieces of work is to put it up online and just leave it there; thinking eventually the fish will bite. This is not the case and by doing this you are wasting time and fooling yourself.


To sell, first you need to have YOUR own style instead of changing your style to meet a buyer’s demands. The right people will be interested in your style and will have to have it. Stay true to your work and your style of art, for example, abstract art. Pinpoint the right buyer who is interested in abstract art and the art will basically sell itself. It’s easier than you think!

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Two of the Best Artistic Tools For Virtual Arts

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Through the years advancing into the technology and science era, computers have changed how we do just about everything. While some artists still prefer the good ol’ fashioned pencil and paper or the paint and the canvas, many creative minds have taken on the virtual arts made solely with a computer. If you are interested in creating art on the computer, there are a loads of artistic software that can be purchased, but that’s not what we are focusing on. Everyone in the world knows about Adobe’s amazing products such as Photoshop, which happens to be the most popular artistic program in the world. Save your money and let’s talk about creative art programs that will save you some cash.

While still hooked on the subject of Adobe Photoshop, it looks like an amazing program and it is! Endless possibilities and more than one way to achieve your artistic goals. This amazing program can, however, destroy your bank account. Thankfully, we have GIMP! GIMP is a Photoshop clone that can do almost everything Photoshop can. The program is free and flexible allowing you to place your windows anywhere on the screen you’d like. GIMP is powerful and for an artist on a budget, it will be your next best friend.

Have you ever wanted to get into 3D modeling? I’ve done that a bit, too and for me, it’s just not my cup of tea. The reason being is there is so much that goes into one project and I found it difficult to keep up with it all. I’ll never take the art work done in movies such as Toy Story and other Pixar projects for granted every again now that I know how much work and dedication goes into only 20 seconds of video! If you are looking to get into 3D modeling, get into using Blender. Blender or better known as “Blender 3D” is a free program that has been around for many years and the community is always growing, just like the program itself. Compared to other programs for 3D modeling, I found this one to be the easiest. Go for it!

There are so many other solutions of free programs and I’m still trying them out one by one slowly, but surely.  What are your favorite free programs? Do you prefer computer art or physical art?


Dana Sibilsky

Dana Sibilsky | Karl Jobst DDS Grove OK

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An experienced and board-certified medical practitioner of psychiatric services available through North Georgia Psychiatry, Dr. Dana Sibilsky is able to call upon many years of experience in a variety of positions in the field of medicine. Dr. Sibilsky has served as a board-certified psychiatrist in both private practice and emergency care, and also has experience working on the administrative side of the field as a medical director.

Source: Dana Sibilsky | Karl Jobst DDS Grove OK

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An Artist’s Best Friend

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In a recent post, I mentioned how coffee affects the brain. My fellow artist, you are about to learn if you don’t know or be even further convinced why coffee is your best friend. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system after passing through the bloodstream. Caffeine, which is indeed a natural drug, has been studied and recorded to help improve mental performance, alertness and concentration. That just might be enough to help you with your artistic block which I also spoke about in the same article.

To no surprise, caffeine can improve wakefulness when suffering to lack of sleep and lack of alertness which is the main use and reason to drink coffee in the first place. However, there is more to it than that! According to a few additional studies, coffee is said to improve your memory performance! If nothing else, that is my reason I’d drink more of it! This memory improvement is highly effective especially when doing repetitive tasks.

Sadly, many people abuse coffee due to higher intake which decreases performance and desensitizes the body to the natural caffeine drug. Caffeine doesn’t make someone dependant on it and this information is confirmed by WHO. Many people drink coffee everyday and have done so for years, but that is a habit which is not the same as addiction.

The bad news about coffee is that once you get into the cycle of having it, you can’t just stop once you decide enough is enough. The dark side of coffee would be the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, which include headache or migraines and drowsiness. The symptoms can be avoided if caffeine consumption is slowed progressively each day.