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Dana Sibilsky is a blogger and author who loves a good DIY project, time with friends and great vacations.

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The Greatest Nightmare for Artists

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There are a few nightmares artists have to deal with on a regular basis. Broken tools, critics, financial issues and such. However, no matter what the dilemma may be, the greatest fear to an artist is the block. No matter if you’re a writer, a musician, an artist—if you use creativity in anyway, you can fall victim to the block.

When faced with a block, being creative and buckling down on a project can be a project itself. It’s almost as if you have lost all motivation, all inspiration, all reason and desire to create and no matter how bad you want to, you just can’t think of what to do next.

So how does one go about defeating this horrible artistic curse?  The first thing you should do is determine what kind of block you have. What is it that is causing you to be unproductive? The block could be all mental, it could be emotional or it could even be just because you’re hungry.

Once you have determined your block, it’s time to get moving. Moving around a little and exercising can help smash those mental blocks simply by pumping some blood to the brain. Also, drinking coffee is sure to fire up your brainpower since coffee is a stimulant.


Record 20.3 million watch Women’s World Cup soccer final on U.S. TV | Reuters

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A record 20.3 million Americans watched on television as the United States beat Japan in the final of the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, setting a new high for any soccer match televised in the nation, according to preliminary ratings data on Monday.

Source: Record 20.3 million watch Women’s World Cup soccer final on U.S. TV | Reuters

Congratulations to the Women’s World Soccer Cup Champions!


The Closet by Christie: Blogger Spotlight Featuring Kim Bettasso

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Great interview Christie, congrats Kim, that’s a great feature!

For this month’s Blogger Spotlight, I’m featuring Kim from her self-titled blog, Kim Bettasso! As an entrepreneur and mom, Kim has a unique perspective on blogging and like most of us- it’s all about passion! Kim is passionate about crafting, so you can expect a ton of fun and exciting DIY projects on her blog. Aside from the unique creativity, my favorite thing about the Kim Bettasso blog is her writing style! Kim is a very talented writer and as someone that also really loves to write, I can really appreciate that. So without further ado… Meet Kim!

Source: The Closet by Christie: Blogger Spotlight Featuring Kim Bettasso

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Dana Sibilsky | Karl Jobst DDS Grove OK

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Dr. Sibilsky began to feel a desire to return to private practice. With North Georgia Psychiatry, Dr. Sibilsky is now back in a role in which she can continue to assist patients in addressing their individual psychiatric needs. In private practice, Dr. Sibilsky has developed a reputation as a confident psychiatrist who is able to provide compassionate and professional care to all of her patients.

Source: Dana Sibilsky | Karl Jobst DDS Grove OK

Not my picture, but other than that, this is definitely me.

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The Power Of Art Through Music

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There are many different types of art, but when we hear the word “art” we commonly think of drawing or painting on a canvas. Music has been a form of art for thousands of years and even today it is the most common art of expression. Music has been said in studies to be more memorable and to stick with a person for life. There’s no doubt that music has a high level of impact in a person’s life.

Music has been known to affect moods and to increase productivity. In one shocking observation, music has been noted to bring a “dead” man back to life again as seen in this video.

Amazing! The old gentleman appears to come back to life through the power of this beautiful form of art we call music. If art has this kind of effect on a person, what else can it do in a person’s life? Make no doubt about it—art has the power to change and replenish lives and I feel we are just at the tip of the iceberg with this discovery.

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About Kimra Bettasso | Beach, Tree, Land Real Estate

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Kimra is a great friend of mine who deals with 401K plans. If you have any questions, she’s my go-to-gal! She also blogs at KimraBettasso.com

Ms. Kimra Bettasso’s company has grown quickly and has already undergone expansion, but the founder and financial advisor has continued to maintain her high standards for customer service while ensuring that clients are able to discuss all of the varied factors that should be considered in a financial planning session.

Source: About Kimra Bettasso | Beach, Tree, Land Real Estate