Dana Sibilsky

Blogger Shoutout: Dana Sibilsky -Inspiration Indulgence

Thank you Chelsea!

Please check out Dana’s blog at http://danasibilsky.com. Even if you are totally not into art, it’s so cool to read a blog that showcases true passion.

Source: Blogger Shoutout: Dana Sibilsky -Inspiration Indulgence


  1. Chasity Tamm

    This is such good news. You write so well, If I had a blog I would love for you to write for me as well! I’d love to shoutout to you.

  2. Vicky

    I have worked with her before also. She’s so much fun with a great personality. She doesn’t play either, she gets to work!

  3. Nancy

    Exactly, every reader should checkout your blog whether they’re into art or not. Your blog is perfect in terms of design and content. I also checked out your work and very impressed by it. Keep doing such nice work and keep sharing with us.

  4. Heather Smith

    I just took a look at this blog! It’s got great stories and full of inspiration! Dr. Dana Sibilsky is such an interesting person and great writer.

  5. orianna

    Chelsea has a point. There aren’t too many blogs around that display passion of something. Unless it’s a mom blog talking about her family.

  6. Ansleigh May Singleton

    Was she easy to work with? how much does she charge? Would you recommend her service? Thanks.

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