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3 Reasons Why Kalu Yala is a Perfect Place for Student Immersions

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If you are a student who has a dream of traveling and finding a place to have your immersions, you might want to consider a village called Kalu Yala, located in the mountains of Panama. The village is ideal for students who are studying environmental sciences, social sciences, and other related courses because it operates through the principles of sustainable living and environmental-friendly practices. Before we discuss the reasons why this is a good place for your future immersions, here is a short background about the village.

What is Kalu Yala?

It is a village located in Trez Brazos Valley, offering a study abroad program for students who want to experience living in a sustainable town. The program was offered since 2010, which allows students to conduct research on subjects such as sustainable living practices, agriculture, biology, and business. They hope to equip and inspire students on the things they can learn through living in the village and apply them in their own communities as well. If you are interested to know more, below are the 3 reasons why this small town in Panama is a perfect place for your immersion activities.

3 Reasons to Enroll in the Study Program

  1. Learning about sustainability practices

Through the experience, students will be able to understand systems that create sustainable living in terms of agriculture, construction, waste management and finding energy resources. They will be able to experience and observe the system itself and think of ways on how to apply it in their own homes, in their future practice, or even in their community after the program. Students will be able to understand the step-by-step processes of how one can source materials or energy locally, and at the same time balancing this give-and-take system to prevent scarcity.

  1. On-hand experiences

They say that the best teacher in life is the experience. This is especially true for students who decide to be involved in the village’s immersion program. They are able to experience the sustainable way of life if similar communities were to be made in the future. Additionally, as students are given the chance to observe, they are also provided with opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills on helping the system improve. Perhaps there is an idea that they want to execute. This is possible through the immersion and will be a gratifying experience to a student who knows he or she was able to contribute to the village as well.

  1. Immersion in Panama culture

If the South American culture is something that interests you, you should consider the village’s study program. Although it is considered a remote village, it is still very accessible to many places in Panama. Aside from learning the indigenous landscape of Panama, you will also gain experiences exploring the city, if you wish, before or at the end of your immersion program. Panama is a beautiful country with a rich culture, many natural resources, and beautiful landmarks to discover. The town is very accessible to Panama city, which is only 50 minutes away. Additionally, it is even closer to the main airport, which is only 15-20 minutes away. Having the opportunity to discover Panama and its beauty may also be something you want to put on your bucket list while going through the program.

Instead of going only through theoretical views about life in a different place, why not experience it yourself? If you are a student who wants an experience of a lifetime, while carrying with you valuable lessons on sustainable living and culture, then a study program in this village would be a good choice.

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Can’t Sell Your Art? Fix These Mistakes!

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Its a certain truth that business nowadays is more focused than its ever been. To stay alive nowadays, you simply cant simply offer a quality item at a reasonable cost. Nowadays, you need to know how to advertise successfully.

From concentrating on various organizations, consultants and business people, I’ve seen a couple botches that were shared between the ones that fizzled. These mix-ups are in no specific request, so on the off chance that you are hoping to drive your deals for your work of art, don’t quit perusing just yet! In the event that maybe a couple of these missteps dont apply to you, then you ought to salute yourself! You should as of now be headed for promoting achievement!

Failure # 1: Your business concentrates on itself rather than on your clients.

Does this appear to be excessively self-evident? Look through your business index in the phone book. Go on, take a good look through. Answer me this: are the majority of the advertisements letting you know what advantages you get if you become a client? On the other hand, are the advertisements letting you know about the merchants? Where they are located? How glorious they are? Their main service? How incredible their quality is? How awesome their administration is?

You being so self-absorbed is the thing that murders a large portion of you’re promoting. From pamphlets to flyers, and direct mail advertisements to commercials, your showcasing message ought to tell your prospects that you are concerned just with what they need!

Anything about you ought to dependably come last. Your customers, clients, benefactors, patients ought to dependably start things out. Always. Instead of talking about who YOU are, talk about how THEY win!

Failure #2: You Fail To Determine Specifically Who Your Market Is And What Their Wants And Needs Are.

Ninety percent of the organizations out there never decisively figure out who their business sector is, and what the business sectors craving, needs, needs, and interests are.

This is a costly slip-up you can’t afford.

Why does your client purchase from you? What do your clients need or need most in the items or administrations you offer? You have to concentrate on finding what the why is with the goal that you can center your showcasing endeavors to demonstrate your prospects that you can meet the why in the most attractive style.

In the event that you need to possess your business, figure out what your clients genuine needs are. Find their cravings. Pursuit out their interests and needs. When you have this data you will be outfitted to corner your business. To put it short, just fill a need.

Failure #3: You Fail To Capture Your Customers & Prospects Names And Addresses.

Of all the advertising slip-ups to make, I feel that this has brought on the loss of a huge number of dollars consistently more than some other. Yet it is by a wide margin the most straightforward oversight to remedy! I don’t know why, yet over 70% of the organizations in America absolutely never try to stay informed regarding their dedicated clients, not to mention any prospects! Your mailing list, or client database is your greatest wellspring of lifetime benefits!

You should do nothing more than build up a precise method for staying informed concerning them, and requesting that they purchase from you all the more regularly. PC databases are anything but difficult to get a hold of, and more reasonable than any other time in recent memory. On the off chance that you would prefer not to trouble with PCs, that is OK. Simply make up and hand-compose on a client record card, that has your clients name, address, and telephone number on it. A basic notecard would do pleasantly. You ought to likewise incorporate fundamental data like: what they’ve purchased previously, what they’d like to purchase from you, and so on. A rundown like this opens the way to building up a gainful, long haul relationship. That is the thing that business is. Not cash, but rather connections.

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Dana Sibilsky—Are Artists Today Lazy?

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I got curious as I normally do every once and a while and decided to do a comparison. I asked myself, “What is the difference of art hundreds of years ago and art today?” One could only wonder and so I began my research. What I found disappointed me as an artist. In the picture I provided, you can see the detail in each individual person. The lighting is just right, the shadows, you can get an idea of what is going on in this image. In fact, you can actually see the passion put into it. If anyone knows anything about me, they know I am serious about passion and the role it plays in our lives.

In the image under the first, you can see the “art” on the wall. What is artistic? Where is the passion? The effort? Where is anything? It’s a giant red canvas with some vertical lines. From the research I have done over the past 24 hours, I am now asking myself, “Have we gotten lazy as artist?”

Obviously there are specialists who are sluggish and untalented. In any case, that is not distinctive to whatever other field, there are dependably trick craftsmen and imposters holding up to exploit individuals and the craftsmanship world is the same.

The craftsmanship market depends intensely on notoriety and advertising meaning certain people enjoy a certain time of art. It’s like asking someone who is into a rock music and listens to genre they do not connect with if music is going downhill. In other words, know your audience. Every craftsman is a brand in themselves and numerous individuals have effectively abused that certainty. Be that as it may, when I say ‘apathetic and incompetent’ in reference to such individuals, it’s just in connection to the generation of fine art. To be effective they would in any case need to put a considerable measure of exertion into systems administration and showcasing.

A reasonable correlation may be with a pop-performer that has never figured out how to play an instrument or read music or learnt to sing. They likely still needed to put a considerable lot of time and exertion into getting to their position, just very little of it went into music.

However, nevertheless as pop performers, not all specialists that paint only hues are untalented. You can’t reject everything in the same kind with a handwave like that. A few craftsmen who paint conceptual works are extraordinarily committed to their art and profoundly in fact gifted. The answer is to invest some energy considering the work, you can’t see a sketch initially, it sets aside time to comprehend it and here and there you have to see a couple of the craftsman’s attempts to get a thought of what they’re on about. Much the same as that collection that sounded sort of exhausting the first run through however completely turns into your most loved unsurpassed music after you hear it out a couple times, your mind can set aside a touch of time to adjust to another visual tasteful.

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Two of the Best Artistic Tools For Virtual Arts

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Through the years advancing into the technology and science era, computers have changed how we do just about everything. While some artists still prefer the good ol’ fashioned pencil and paper or the paint and the canvas, many creative minds have taken on the virtual arts made solely with a computer. If you are interested in creating art on the computer, there are a loads of artistic software that can be purchased, but that’s not what we are focusing on. Everyone in the world knows about Adobe’s amazing products such as Photoshop, which happens to be the most popular artistic program in the world. Save your money and let’s talk about creative art programs that will save you some cash.

While still hooked on the subject of Adobe Photoshop, it looks like an amazing program and it is! Endless possibilities and more than one way to achieve your artistic goals. This amazing program can, however, destroy your bank account. Thankfully, we have GIMP! GIMP is a Photoshop clone that can do almost everything Photoshop can. The program is free and flexible allowing you to place your windows anywhere on the screen you’d like. GIMP is powerful and for an artist on a budget, it will be your next best friend.

Have you ever wanted to get into 3D modeling? I’ve done that a bit, too and for me, it’s just not my cup of tea. The reason being is there is so much that goes into one project and I found it difficult to keep up with it all. I’ll never take the art work done in movies such as Toy Story and other Pixar projects for granted every again now that I know how much work and dedication goes into only 20 seconds of video! If you are looking to get into 3D modeling, get into using Blender. Blender or better known as “Blender 3D” is a free program that has been around for many years and the community is always growing, just like the program itself. Compared to other programs for 3D modeling, I found this one to be the easiest. Go for it!

There are so many other solutions of free programs and I’m still trying them out one by one slowly, but surely.  What are your favorite free programs? Do you prefer computer art or physical art?


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An Artist’s Best Friend

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In a recent post, I mentioned how coffee affects the brain. My fellow artist, you are about to learn if you don’t know or be even further convinced why coffee is your best friend. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system after passing through the bloodstream. Caffeine, which is indeed a natural drug, has been studied and recorded to help improve mental performance, alertness and concentration. That just might be enough to help you with your artistic block which I also spoke about in the same article.

To no surprise, caffeine can improve wakefulness when suffering to lack of sleep and lack of alertness which is the main use and reason to drink coffee in the first place. However, there is more to it than that! According to a few additional studies, coffee is said to improve your memory performance! If nothing else, that is my reason I’d drink more of it! This memory improvement is highly effective especially when doing repetitive tasks.

Sadly, many people abuse coffee due to higher intake which decreases performance and desensitizes the body to the natural caffeine drug. Caffeine doesn’t make someone dependant on it and this information is confirmed by WHO. Many people drink coffee everyday and have done so for years, but that is a habit which is not the same as addiction.

The bad news about coffee is that once you get into the cycle of having it, you can’t just stop once you decide enough is enough. The dark side of coffee would be the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, which include headache or migraines and drowsiness. The symptoms can be avoided if caffeine consumption is slowed progressively each day.