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Contemporary Art

The movements that are ongoing in the contemporary art world are quite exciting, as the landscape of artistry is continually shifting through the innovations and inspirations of the current group of contemporary artists. Though there are many artists who are clearly influenced by the Modernists and Postmodernists, there are many others who are creating works that are entirely unique and based upon the way they perceive and interpret the world.

In analyzing the contemporary works of art that have been recently produced, Dana Sibilsky has come away consistently impressed by the vision of these artists. The field is filled with young, up-and-coming artists who recognize the need to create work that is both insightful and unique, and the critical response to these new movements has been overwhelmingly positive. Ms. Sibilsky recognizes this moment as opportune for a new kind of artistry to emerge, and the contemporary artists working today seem poised to deliver a movement that is entirely their own.

Of course, defining contemporary art is always quite a difficult task, as generations are constantly changing and what was once contemporary art is now referred to as Modernism or Postmodernism. While ascribing a definition is something of a trying task, the best artistic endeavors are indeed those that are difficult to define, and it is often only long after the fact that an appropriate definition can be properly assigned. The contemporary artists of today are certainly well on their way to establishing innovative movements by employing new and thought-provoking styles and techniques, and it will surely be the case that these contemporary works will serve to influence the art world for many generations to come.