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David Kravitz’s Book Helped Promote My Art

I know the last few posts have been about how to tell your art and turn your passion into more than pennies and I’m back again to give you another tool to use to your advantage as well as a quick review on this amazing tool. Ready? The tool in question is an amazing book I’ve been reading by David Kravitz called, “How to Monetize Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Other Social Media Sites.” Whew! That long title will take the wind right out of you!

51x54WJHU7L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_What is this book about? Well, I’ve been reading it for only a week and it has taught me that I’ve been using my social media sites completely wrong. I always knew I could use them to promote my art, advertise and sell my art, but I had no idea how. Not anymore! David Kravitz’s book goes in depth teaching the fundamentals of what it takes to accomplish your goals and be productive on websites that most people are using to share cat pictures.

I honestly suggest you pick up this fine piece of reading material and start changing how you use your everyday tools.

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