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My Art Featured at San Jose International Art Apprentice Show!

I am very pleased to announce that the organizers of the San Jose International Art Apprentice Show have informed me that they will be exhibiting my work at their annual gallery showing! Though my work has been featured in many galleries over the years, it is always a humbling experience when an art show expresses an interest in displaying something I have created. The San Jose International Art Apprentice Show is known throughout the art community as a consistently outstanding exhibition of works created by both established artists and newcomers to the art world, and it is quite an honor to be selected as a featured artist.

The show features a wide variety of artistic genres and it is frequently the case that there are many new and innovative endeavors on display, and attendees are often delighted at being able to be exposed to such a broad range of works through just one single show. I will have several of my pieces featured at the San Jose International Art Apprentice Show, and I am just one of a few artists who is fortunate enough to have multiple pieces on display at this annual event.

For the pieces of mine that will be on display, I used several different mediums and attempted to construct an overarching narrative through the pieces despite the divergent styles and materials that I employed in creating them. I am very much looking forward to discussing the works with anyone who attends, and I must say that I am very grateful to be able to display my work at a show that has such a lofty and longstanding reputation in the art community. In the meantime, I will be continuing to work on several new projects and I will keep trying to explore unique methods for expressing myself through the visual arts.


  1. Valerie Aye Post author

    This is awesome! congratulations Dana! Will we see some of your artwork on the blog soon?

  2. Rebecca-J-1966 Post author

    I’m also impressed and would like to see some art that will be featured in this apprentice show! Congratulations!

  3. Dana Sibilsky Post author

    A friend of mine sent me to this post. There is finally something new and interesting coming to our city! I’m excited for you! Great job!

  4. Jane Burdy

    I was brought here by a friend to read about the next San Jose art show coming up. So glad you’ll be part of it!

  5. Ray Donn

    I’m going to share this with my friends in the San Jose area. Surely there must be someone who will appreciate this.

  6. Bill Chancey

    Hi Dana,
    I was wanting to ask if you would be willing to do an interview with me. I’d like to ask you a few questions about your art and getting it featured at the art show in San Jose.

  7. Gram Wilburgh

    Dana I absolutely must say that you have inspired me. I’m going to get my artwork out to the public ASAP. Thank you.

  8. Chasity Tamm

    Very impressive! One time I had my musical composition played by a marching band in one of our parades. I can relate to how you must be feeling with this exciting news.

  9. Ansleigh May Singleton

    I just found an article about you graduating so many schools and here I find that you are an artist as well?! You really are super woman! Congratulations on all your success with the San Jose Art Show!

  10. educator@edu

    I look forward to paying the art show a visit and seeing what will be featured. I also look forward to meeting you Mrs. Dana Sibilsky.

  11. Frank DeGrasio

    An art show? Right in my backyard? I haven’t been to an art show probably since 1967. I’ll have to check it out.

  12. Lily Sweeten

    I was in San Jose just this last weekend! I wish I had known about this before planning my trip! Dang it! 🙁

  13. Kelly

    It is great be featured at San Jose International Art Apprentice! One of my friend just is dreaming of featuring at there. I saw your art and you deserve to be there without a doubt. Congratulation and best wishes for future.


    That is so awesome! I can’t wait to see that. I can see your work going to great places. You deserve this. Congrat!

  15. orianna

    This is such an honor and I hope it will inspire you to create more and put more of your material out for the world to enjoy.

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