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Postmodern Art

As a response to the Modernist movement, Postmodern artists delighted in constructing contradictions to the work of the Modernists. The efforts of the Postmodernists further broke apart the definitions that had once been associated with the creation of art and the pursuit of artistic endeavors. An expansive movement that includes some of the most recognizable works of art, Postmodernism features a number of radical movements that include Jackson Pollock’s Abstract Expressionism and Andy Warhol’s Pop Art.

Just as Modernism changed the way art was “consumed” by the public, Postmodernism broke down these barriers even further by questioning the very definition of “fine” or “high” art versus “low” art or art referencing popular culture. To some, this made art more accessible, but others were troubled by some of the machinations used by artists in demonstrating that the hype that surrounds a work is often just as important to its critical reception as the composition of the work itself.

For Dana Sibilsky, the work of the Postmodernists in undeniably important and has resulted in many overwhelmingly creative and innovative artistic endeavors. Of all of the aspects of Postmodernism, Ms. Sibilsky feels the most intriguing is the frequent juxtaposition employed by artists in this field, as the creation of an artistic paradox is often quite thought-provoking and provides a great deal of insight into the constant overlap of culture and materialism.

The influence of the Postmodernists is quite apparent in the many movements that came to be as a result of the prominence of these artists. Performance art, minimalism, assemblage art and many other radical developments are considered a part of the Postmodern movement, and there are still many artists who are clearly creating work based on these influences. In fact, many of these forms are still being explored today, and there are many who feel that there is still a great deal more to uncover through the use of these innovative techniques and philosophies.