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We believe in providing an equal platform for both established artists whose work is immediately recognizable and for up-and-coming artists who are in search of a foothold in the art world. We judge each piece on its own merit and do not believe in limiting the types of submissions we accept. Whether it is a work that can be defined as postmodern, modern, contemporary, abstract, surreal or otherwise, we are pleased to accept submissions from any genre of art.

Due to the high volume of work we receive, it is very difficult for Dana Sibilsky to personally evaluate each piece and to provide individualized feedback. Though this is the case, each submission will be professionally evaluated and every effort will be made by Ms. Sibilsky to provide her frequently sought-after criticism. Of course, this is a time-consuming process and there is no set timeline in which this feedback will be provided.

Our philosophy is that every work of art that is produced –- whether it is by a classically trained artist whose work has been featured in galleries or by a neophyte who, on a whim, decided to pick up some clay to try their hand at sculpting –- should be treated with equal respect during the evaluation process. We feel that no work should be summarily dismissed, and we recognize that there is a danger in putting too much stock into an artist’s reputation or lack thereof. The art is what ultimately matters most, and mastery can often be found in surprising places.

The criticism we provide will always be as constructive as possible, as it is our goal to stimulate continued artistic endeavors among those who submit their work for evaluation. It is important to recognize, however, that even constructive criticism may seem harsh to the creator of an artistic work, so please understand that it is the sole intention of Dana Sibilsky to provide professional direction and advice for artistic growth.