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Friends Guest Post

Blogger Shout Out Dana Sibilsky

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Thanks Rebecca!

Mrs. Sibilsky latest post about digital art is about something I have a good bit of experience in. She writes about virtual artists and their tools. An informative post about the pros and cons of Adobe and Gimp. Both of which I have written about and use frequently. She goes on to introduce some 3d programs for her readers to try out. I have worked in 3d art before and she has picked some great programs to test.

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Guest Post by Artist Dana Sibilsky

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It was for this reason that I founded my personal blog. I am very passionate about the arts and society’s connection to culture and I wanted to share how I felt with as many people who were interested. I decided to share my thoughts and insights in a way that was most accessible, explaining my beliefs and opinions in the simplest and most direct manner possible. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I have received a great deal of feedback from my readers who had previously felt that this was a subject that was just “over their head.”

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