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Who Is Dana Sibilsky?

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Just as I find it difficult to define the art that I create, it is also quite difficult to define myself. I create works of art, which means that many people refer to me as an artist. I work with clay to create sculptures, so there are people who refer to me as a sculptor. While I certainly do not mind being referred to by a certain title or definition, I could just as easily be referred to as a gardener, writer, landscaper, or carpenter. I am, like every person in this world, many things, so this is simply a meandering way of saying that there are many things that I enjoy, and my artistic endeavors are certainly among those many things that bring a great deal of happiness and meaning to my life.

With my rambling preamble out of the way, perhaps I should address the fact that I do, in fact, view myself as an artist throughout many parts of my day. So while in the late afternoon I am often a gardener and in the early-morning hours I am frequently a daydreamer, the majority of my time is spent as a creator of art that takes on many forms. I enjoy sculpting a great deal, but most will be more familiar with my work on the canvas. I prefer to vary the materials I use in my work, and sometimes I choose to paint at an easel in my studio, while other times I will work beneath a tree using an unstretched canvas.

I have found that the creative process brings me a great deal of joy, and I always feel conflicted when a piece is finally complete. While I am happy that I have accomplished what I set out to do, I have to admit to feeling a sense of sadness that the act of creating is over. Fortunately there are always other opportunities to pursue, and no one has ever placed a limit on my creativity.