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The Power Of Art Through Music

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There are many different types of art, but when we hear the word “art” we commonly think of drawing or painting on a canvas. Music has been a form of art for thousands of years and even today it is the most common art of expression. Music has been said in studies to be more memorable and to stick with a person for life. There’s no doubt that music has a high level of impact in a person’s life.

Music has been known to affect moods and to increase productivity. In one shocking observation, music has been noted to bring a “dead” man back to life again as seen in this video.

Amazing! The old gentleman appears to come back to life through the power of this beautiful form of art we call music. If art has this kind of effect on a person, what else can it do in a person’s life? Make no doubt about it—art has the power to change and replenish lives and I feel we are just at the tip of the iceberg with this discovery.

Dana Sibilsky

Balancing Art, Writing and Raising a Family Is a Rewarding But Difficult Task

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luigi wewege dana sibilskyIt is certainly not an easy thing to raise a family, work on new artistic projects and then still have time to write about it all online, but the fact that each individual task is so enjoyable and enriches the others makes the time and effort more than worthwhile. I love spending time with my family, and our interactions are often reflected some way in the art I create. Sometimes this is intentional, but most of the time it happens organically and comes right out of my subconscious mind and goes straight to the canvas. I often do not even realize what has happened until after the piece is completed and I have time to reflect.

My family influences my writing in the same way they influence my art, but there is a greater flow of ideas back and forth from my writing to my art and from my art to my writing. Of course, this does not mean that my art and writing are more important than my family, as nothing could be further from the truth. What I mean is that my art does not always in turn influence my family in the same meaningful way as they influenced the art. My writing, however, influences my art and then turns around and is itself influenced by very same art it initially inspired.

As Luigi Wewege has pointed out, without the influences of my family, my writing and my art, none of my work would be as good as it could be. In this instance, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and for that I am very grateful.