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Dana Sibilsky—Marketing Yourself as an Artist

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In today’s rambunctious world, we live in a business driven period in time and in this way it is critical to receive the suitable income for your talents and abilities. Craftsmen who meander on to stands at craftsmanship fairs and say, “Buy my picture, please?” are unrealistic to succeed.

Devise a marketing strategy

Have an advertising plan arranged. Recognize what you are attempting to accomplish and how you would like to do this. Have a time allotment, and reasonable targets, and choose what you will do and what you have to pay others to do. Correspondence is the key; make sure to send customary welcomes either by post office or email to all purchasers and potential purchasers on your database.

Inform them of all occasions and events in which you are going to be in and any new discharges that may be of interest or entertaining to them. Email showcasing and the Internet have made this sort of activity low in cost so the expense of printing and post can frequently be dodged.

A few specialists are continually considering approaches to add to their presentation and picture: they take a gander at bundling,the architecture and the design of trendsetting magazines, and think about how the thoughts communicated in these images can be adjusted and manipulated to their own ways. That’s the beautiful thing about art! What makes a difference most, nonetheless, is the clarity of the presentation.

Art Dana Sibilsky

How to Sell Your Art

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No matter where you go near or far, you’ll find opportunity. The best opportunity you’ll find as an artist is to provide your service and the better you are at your art and your service, the more and more often you’ll get paid.  There are so many artists who sell artwork online, at home, during art shows or even at art fairs. The one struggle for artist is actually making a sell. How do you do it? An artist is an artist, not a salesperson and this is where the complications come in.


Who should you sell your art to? This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself. You’re a passionate artist and you spend time, emotions and money into creating your masterpiece. You have an attachment to your hard work and want someone to buy it who will truly appreciate everything that went into your work, right? You’ll find your customer by targeting that specific person.


When you target exactly who your client of choice will be, you are going to know exactly what that person wants in an artwork and you’ll have the what they are looking for. Far too many artist believe the best way to sell their pieces of work is to put it up online and just leave it there; thinking eventually the fish will bite. This is not the case and by doing this you are wasting time and fooling yourself.


To sell, first you need to have YOUR own style instead of changing your style to meet a buyer’s demands. The right people will be interested in your style and will have to have it. Stay true to your work and your style of art, for example, abstract art. Pinpoint the right buyer who is interested in abstract art and the art will basically sell itself. It’s easier than you think!