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John Pryor Strength Training for Modern Art

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john pryor rugby artThe physicality required to create a work of modern art is largely misunderstood by those outside of the world of fine art, and those who are unfamiliar with the level of fitness training artists undertake would certainly be surprised to learn that these artists often implement some of the most effective John Pryor strength programs available to the general public. While the training programs followed by modern artists rarely take on the seriousness of the programs followed by the elite athletes coached by Pryor, the exercises most frequently included in an artist’s program are nonetheless quite challenging.

Although the training programs certainly differ from artist to artist and sometimes drastically so, a large portion of modern artists seem to prefer a full-body approach to training that relies mostly on bodyweight exercises. It’s not terribly uncommon to see an artist’s studio with a specific area dedicated for training sessions that occur either immediately before the artist begins to work or immediately after the artist completes their work. In fact, many artists are happy to declare their belief that doing planks, burpees and pushups each day not only yields a physical benefit but also generates a creative benefit that has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the quality of their artwork.