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The Power Of Art Through Music

There are many different types of art, but when we hear the word “art” we commonly think of drawing or painting on a canvas. Music has been a form of art for thousands of years and even today it is the most common art of expression. Music has been said in studies to be more memorable and to stick with a person for life. There’s no doubt that music has a high level of impact in a person’s life.

Music has been known to affect moods and to increase productivity. In one shocking observation, music has been noted to bring a “dead” man back to life again as seen in this video.

Amazing! The old gentleman appears to come back to life through the power of this beautiful form of art we call music. If art has this kind of effect on a person, what else can it do in a person’s life? Make no doubt about it—art has the power to change and replenish lives and I feel we are just at the tip of the iceberg with this discovery.


  1. Ray Donn

    Sound is said to hope more of a memorable value even more than smell which is directly linked to the memory in the brain.

  2. Jonnah

    I totally agree with you here. Music is best life companion of a person. Music help us to remove stress from our life and also increase productivity in our daily life. And the video is amazing! How that old man came to life! God bless him.

  3. Heather Smith

    It is so amazing what the arts can do for people. It is so sad to think how we do not value the arts in education–and look at the proof of how powerful music is! This is incredible!

  4. this_epic_sauce_is_epic

    Music is powerful man. I’ve been trying to tell my prof that for months now but he is convinced it’s just noise that hinders productivity.

  5. Wille Poloski

    I have undergone this kind of musical therapy and I’ll tell you it works! I don’t know how, but it works!

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