Dana Sibilsky

Who Is Dana Sibilsky?

Just as I find it difficult to define the art that I create, it is also quite difficult to define myself. I create works of art, which means that many people refer to me as an artist. I work with clay to create sculptures, so there are people who refer to me as a sculptor. While I certainly do not mind being referred to by a certain title or definition, I could just as easily be referred to as a gardener, writer, landscaper, or carpenter. I am, like every person in this world, many things, so this is simply a meandering way of saying that there are many things that I enjoy, and my artistic endeavors are certainly among those many things that bring a great deal of happiness and meaning to my life.

With my rambling preamble out of the way, perhaps I should address the fact that I do, in fact, view myself as an artist throughout many parts of my day. So while in the late afternoon I am often a gardener and in the early-morning hours I am frequently a daydreamer, the majority of my time is spent as a creator of art that takes on many forms. I enjoy sculpting a great deal, but most will be more familiar with my work on the canvas. I prefer to vary the materials I use in my work, and sometimes I choose to paint at an easel in my studio, while other times I will work beneath a tree using an unstretched canvas.

I have found that the creative process brings me a great deal of joy, and I always feel conflicted when a piece is finally complete. While I am happy that I have accomplished what I set out to do, I have to admit to feeling a sense of sadness that the act of creating is over. Fortunately there are always other opportunities to pursue, and no one has ever placed a limit on my creativity.


  1. Ray Donn

    #whoisdanasibilsky but only the…ok I’ve got nothing.
    I experience joy when I create my works of art too Dana, I would have to say I relate to you there.

  2. Brenda

    #WhoIsDanaSibilsky I read your blog first time today and become fan of your work. Many women take inspiration from you and you are idol for them. Keep doing good work and keep us motivated. Thanks.

  3. Heather Smith

    As an artist myself I completely agree with you! I too understand those conflicting feelings at the end of a project.

  4. Janet Somms

    I have been following your art and your blogs for about a month now and I am highly inspired. Thank you Dana!

  5. Jackie

    By chance are you related to my husbands uncle? His last name is Sabilsky. Weird. Is there a link to Sabilsky from Sibilsky?

  6. Terry

    How do you get in the creative mindset? When you have days you don’t feel like creating what do you do?

  7. Lana Wanto

    What has been your greatest struggle as an artist? This article has inspired me to want to try new things and get back at it again. You didn’t quit, why should I?

  8. Donald Shelly

    Just because you create art or do a specific task doesn’t make you that certain person. For example I have driven nails into wood to build my sons tree house, but I am in no way at all a carpenter or a man of any form of construction. I’d say you are what you love to do.

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